Started in 1997, Square is one of biggest of knitting and weaving yarn manufacturer in Bangladesh with the most advanced vertically integrated setups, allowing us to produce 90,000 kg of yarns daily.

For producing denim, our process starts with the cotton before the yarn is even in the picture. We aim to use quality cotton in the spinning process to achieve high-quality yarn. That’s one of the secrets of Square Denim's Progress. It’s also maximizes & maintains quality during production and offers extra advantages to our R&D.

We offers yarn with Slub, elastane-infused, Siro, Nappy, Injected, combed & carded along with regular yarn using open-end and ring technology. If needed, we combine various fibers like hemp, linen, jute, bamboo etc. with cotton to create blended yarns. Different man-made fibers like lyocell, modal, viscose is in our product line along with normal and recycled polyester yarn.


Denim, a product invented in 1850 is still the most popular item owned by everyone today. It's luxurious, high-fashion, and mass-produced! It is the world's most democratic product. Denim Made by Square represents elegance, luxury, and craftsmanship. Today, it also stands for green, sustainability and being eco-friendlier.

SQUARE DENIMS Limited, located in the North-Eastern part of Bangladesh at Habiganj, having state-of-the-art technology and a wide production range of denim fabrics which makes Square Denims one of the innovative fabric producers in Bangladesh. To aim for the perfect denim, you need perfection & creation & that’s the goal of Square Denim. From the very beginning, we are doing it naturally with a touch of heritage.

Denim became more than just a fashion item as a result of technological advancements and the vision of creative product development professionals. The product development team at Square Denims is actively involved in developing customer-requested qualities, as well as setting the trend for future demand.


Square Denims offers one of the most complete and accurate collections on the market offering its customers any kind of rigid, stretch & super stretch, Only Warp or 4-Way Stretch, Knit & Dobby along with Hemp, Line, Jute, Bamboo, Modal, Tencel, Rayon & many more blended denim makes a wide range which weight varies from 4 to 15 ounce to meet the market demand.

Square Denims has always produced in an environmentally responsible manner. It's a one-of-a-kind legacy of love, inspired by and respectful of nature. It is about delivering a product knowing what our client wants and why they will use it. As we embrace technology as a change enabler, we can move beyond our current problems of sustainability and begin defining solutions rather than using design as a means to enhance life and bring about change.


There is a way to make jeans. For too long jeans have been one of the fashion industry's dirtiest & darkest secrets. We are changing just that. Since 2015 Square Denims has been committed to making great products the right way with a sustainable supply chain & genuine compassion for people & the planet.

Our focus is on innovation and flexibility; and a vertically integrated process enables us to meet the various demands of our partners, from ideas and design through to finished products. We have our own design, pattern, sewing & laundry unit with dedicated sourcing capabilities, we can produce 2.6 million pairs of jeans per month.

We use intelligent cut plans & automated marker making and our zero-waste laser cutting machine was designed and built to cut even the finest details as well as prevent fabric loss. Our sewing unit is well designed to handle any kind of woven project. It’s rich in technical expertise, modern machinery & systems. Continuous automation systems help our process flows to successfully meet our responsible manufacturing goals that include achieving a high level of efficiency, reducing our resource needs. In addition, crafting is included in the process and the products are carefully handled by the craftsmen.

As one of the most important aspects of the Jeans wear manufacturing process, washing exemplifies our service, vision, and quality. We have combined all of the latest denim washing technologies with experienced wash professionals and the latest fashion. Washing with the proper machine and making technical adjustments not only reduces wear-off but also enhances product life. We designed our laundry section with the environment and technology in mind.